With a common background in acting, the five men of the STOP Boys found themselves at an entertainment industry convention in Orlando, Florida. Soon after meeting, the powerful synergy of STOP Boys was realized.

The guys share a common and deep love for working with children. Coaching kids who were gearing up for massive, high-stress auditions at the end of the convention, the boys individually began to see that the most important part of their job was not making kids brilliant actors in the few days they had together. Instead they inspired an awakening within the hearts of the kids with whom they worked. The STOP Boys ignited them to own their "Awesome" so they could walk through life (and their auditions!) without fear. The results are immediate and overwhelmingly positive.

Individually in their own classrooms and collectively on stage, the STOP Boys infect the psyches of families and leave them with a monumental and life-changing altered perspective. The convention at which they met happens a few times a year and proved the ideal platform for the formation and solidification of the STOP Boys message and mythology. More recently, original musical carrying the message was written and produced. Now, the five bring the message to schools and workshops, spreading AWESOME with songs, dances, comedic sketches, and spoken word, Awesome-atizing throughout the galaxy and beyond.

Non Stop: Visionary Leader
NON-STOP is the STOPBOYS Visionary leader their Revolutionary guide. He believes in the STOP Boys to the very end. He is also part time bad boy when Blaze has the sniffles.
Heart Stop: The Prettiest
HEART STOP. This prince charming is the heart and soul of the STOP Boys. He makes the ladies hearts melt with his sweetness all day every day. Just look at this picture taken very, very recently in the later half of 1998. He's clearly not a day over 18.
Short Stop: The Cutest
SHORT STOP. Does it get any cuter than him? They say the best things come in small packages. Here's the proof. Before coming to the STOPBOYs, Short was working in a gum drop factory. I only wish he were pocket size so I could take him with me everywhere. It is rumored that the Care Bears were inspired by him. Google it.
Fly Stop: The Coolest
FLY STOP. aka "The Bling that don't sing" Fly currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, USA. The name says it all – FLY. Before he was in a boy band he was working as a lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest. He is noted for creating the catch phrase "Oh no you didn't."
Blaze: The Bad Boy
BAD BOY ALERT… He's Charlie Sheen meets Axel Rose meets Ghengis Kahn meets Winona Ryder. Do NOT bring this guy home to mom. The boy band is the first job he's ever been able to hold down so don't anybody go jinxing it.