"I am signing the contract with The Stop Boys to be the most AWESOME I can be every day! Who will join me?"
"NoN, you made it so I wasn't scared to get up on that stage and do the thing that I have been wanting to do my whole life!"
"Thanks for making the event so much fun! David, my son and I had so much fun and learned so much. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication! And thanks for performing!!! We are officially your 4000 groupies!!"
"I just wanted to thank you all for your hard work with everyones children at The Event, my daughter loves you guys and has talked about you non stop... pun intended!! I hope you all have a great New Year!"
"Love you guys! You totally rock and have made this a super week for my daughter and I."
"Thanks to all of you for being so great with our kids in Orlando. Michael, my daughter, Mardi, was in your group and thought you were awesome - I have to agree. Thanks again to all of you."
"A 'boyband' that inspires awesomitizing yourself and the world... I say yes."
"Thanks to "Non-Stop" for showing me the Awesome Wiggle Moves How To Video - Kids everywhere are going to love it. Looking forward to the Remix version!!"
"The Stop Boys are awesome and swag is a small thing to say if you're describing them. I met you guys at The 2011 in Orlando and it was so fun to have acting coaches like you guys! P.S. The stop-wiggle is an awesome dance move that you guys taught me!"
"Hello Stop Boys... We love you guys. Thanks for what you do. You rock!"
We are the luckiest band around!